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Why Lovegra Tablets are so Revolutionary?

Why Lovegra Tablets are so Revolutionary?

  • Posted On: Jan 03, 2018
  • Posted By: Admin

Lovegra Tablets for Womens Sexual Dysfunctions

We all know how popular erectile dysfunction (ED) medication is. Everyone knows their name  Viagra and Cialis. Movies and television shows make jokes about them. Odds are that if you go out and ask people if they know the names of any drugs that help with sex, 99% of them will answer Viagra. Now, ask people if they know about any sexual dysfunction medication for women and no one will be able to give you an answer. Many people will be surprised that there is even a medication for womens sexual dysfunctions.

This is because of the messed up way our society views women and sex. No one thinks about them having sexual dysfunctions because people do not expect women to have sexual dysfunctions in the first place. As many men mistakenly think of sex as something that a man does to a woman, it is easy to see why the concept of a womens sexual dysfunction is foreign to them. That is why Lovegra tablets are so important  they are the fix to a problem many people do not even know exists.

It is not just men who want to have sex but cannot  there are many women who go through the same thing. With women, the signs of arousal are not as obvious as an erection so this is easy to miss. You must have heard jokes about how women do not want sex anymore after marriage  we all have. People think this is because women know they have their man, so they do not work to keep him happy. Just think of how damaging this view is. People who have this view are saying that sex is not something women want, it is something they go through just to please men.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

The reality is very different. The reason that women are often sexually active before marriage but it ends after marriage is not because they do not like their husbands anymore. Sex feels great and everyone enjoys it. No, the real reason is that all the stresses of a conventional married life can cause sexual dysfunctions in women just like they can do in men. Imagine juggling a career and parenthood. Women have sexual dysfunctions for the same reason as men. Lovegra tablets help women by allowing them to feel aroused again.

If you have a woman in your life and she has not been sexually active recently, ask her when was the last time she felt aroused. If you are a woman, ask it yourself. If it has been a long time, understand that this is not normal. Go talk to a doctor  they may tell you that Lovegra tablets are just what you need.