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Get Free Delivery & Discount with Bitcoin

Purchase medication with Bitcoin to get free delivery and incredible discounts on bulk orders!

  • Free Delivery for All Bitcoin Orders
  • 10% discount for orders under £99
  • 20% discount for orders over £99

Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a digit currency purchased online and used to complete transactions instantly.

To purchase Bitcoin, create an online crypto wallet via Revolut or Starling using a smartphone or computer, your email address and a valid ID.

Setting up, verifying and using your online crypto wallet is a 3 step process, so you can get free delivery and exceptional discounts immediately.

Convert Funds to Bitcoin in Three Easy Steps

  • Use your email address and valid photo ID to register your Bitcoin wallet using coinbase.
  • Verify your photo identification by following the instructions and attach a MasterCard or VISA to your new crypto account.
  • Convert funds from your VISA or MasterCard to your Bitcoin balance.

Buy Medications with Bitcoin

Pay for medications with Bitcoin in the same way as standard payment methods at the checkout. The confirmation email you receive will indicate the crypto wallet address used to complete the transaction instead of any bank account details.

Tutorial Links

The following tutorial links show you how to set up, register, use and send Bitcoin;

The Additional Benefits of Using Bitcoin

On top of free delivery and discounts, transactions are instant so orders are processed and dispatched faster when using Bitcoin.

All Bitcoin transactions are private so only you will know what is purchased. So, why not take advantage of free delivery and discount / free pills?

Real-time Assistance 24/7

Sends our team at our team an email or message using live chat if you have any questions about purchasing Bitcoin.