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Refund Policy

Our website follows standard return and refund practices in order to help facilitate an easy process if the need arises. These policies are in compliance with online trading regulations and criteria

There will be a refund or return approval only in the following cases:

  • If it is not the correct order that arrives.
  • If it is not up to the quality standards that our website abides by.
  • If it is damaged.

If the customer encounters a shipment that falls within the above parameters, then they need to reach out and contact us via the messaging system in the 'Contact Us' tab of the main website. Arrangements with our website need to be made for the problem product to be returned within 7 days of initial contact. Only once the returned product is received on our side will, our website issues a refund. Partial or full refund will depend on the individual circumstances. A refund will not be made if it is a case of non-delivery due to incorrect shipping details.

Our website also maintains a returns policy for customers who have the aforementioned problems. Once the customer has notified the customer support team, they may be required to submit evidence or information relating to the problems (damage, poor quality, wrong product etc.) with the original shipment in order to qualify for a return shipment. If the customer has made extensive use of the product before requesting a return, the request will not be honoured.

If you have any queries regarding this refund and return policy, or indeed wish to initiate a refund, please navigate to the 'Contact Us' tab and send through a message with your request. Our customer support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to handle your query.