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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy follows the standards of all regulatory bodies regarding data collection and use.

By providing personal info through using our website, the user agrees to our Terms and Conditions agreement along with the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy can be changed at any point without notice. It is suggested that frequent users return to this page from time to time in order to reacquaint themselves with any changes that might occur relating to the Privacy Policy There are two types of user information which is collected by

Identifiable - This information will not be distributed to third parties. This information encompasses any personal data (name, email address, phone number, date of birth, shipping address etc.) or bank details the user includes when signing up to the website as a member.

Non-identifiable - This information is subject to transfer with/to third parties. This information includes such things as browser details, IP address and type of operating system of site visitors.

These two types of information are used to improve user experience, with personal details being necessary for successful purchase and delivery of products. Our website may use provided email addresses to alert customers to purchase and shipping details, as well as notifying them about product promotions and discounts.

Our secure website uses cookies. Cookies allow for affiliated service providers to identify non-identifiable information. Note: Google functions as a third party vendor, using cookies for ads that will appear on our website.

Our online pharmacy employs peak industry related security policies and features to ensure the constant protection of all site members and visitors. Our security features are what make us one of the stand-out online pharmacies.

Our website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryptions with all its monetary transactions. Any website user engaging in suspicious or illegal activity may have their personal details handed over to the authorities.