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How Lovegra Tablets Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction

Due to hormonal changes that women experience, more commonly but not restricted to women above the age of 40, they are likely to experience sexual dysfunction. The active ingredient in Lovegra tablets is sildenafil citrate which works by improving blood circulation to the vaginal area. This has the effect of increasing sensitivity in the genital area which in turn has a positive effect on the satisfaction experienced during sex.

How Are Lovegra Tablets Taken?

For best results, Lovegra should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before sex. The recommended dosage is a single 100mg tablet taken with water. More than 100mg must not be consumed within any 24-hour period and it must be stressed that additional benefit is not increased by taking two tablets.

Lovegra Tablets Contraindications and Precautions

This product is strictly not intended for females under the age of 18. Consuming alcohol or recreational drugs with this medication can result in severe health consequences, so this should always be avoided. It is best to avoid large fatty meals before taking this medication as this can negatively affect the way it's absorbed by the body. It should only be taken when sexual activity is planned and should not be used with any other sexual dysfunction medication.

Lovegra Tablets are not recommended for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women, or for women suffering with heart, kidney or liver disease as well as high or low blood pressure. Women with anemia and bone cancer should also avoid this medication. Proper storage of the product is vital to ensure it works effectively. It must be stored in a cool, dark place, with the ideal storage temperature being below 30 degrees centigrade. Freezing is not appropriate and an airtight container is recommended. The tablets must be kept out of the reach of children.

Side Effects Associated with Lovegra Tablets

This medication is generally well tolerated but can have mild side effects, such as headaches, sensitivity to light, nausea, an upset stomach and a runny nose. If experienced, these symptoms disappear very quickly - usually within an hour or two. The tablets can also cause dizziness, so activities that involve using heaving machinery should be avoided.

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